For over 20 years, GenRent has been providing reliable power generation rental solutions. Our long experience and commitment to service ensure client satisfaction every time. 

GenRent's generators rental fleet is based on advanced engines and power generation systems and also includes industrial generators. GenRent's technology offers significant features and benefits, including:

  • Leading emission-reduction technology
  • Cutting-edge monitoring and communications capabilities
  • User-friendly engine and generator control interface for high quality performance and quick response
  • Assured reliability and robustness
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • One-stop-shop for all power solution requirements
  • Highest International quality and safety standards – for all generators

From low capacity temporary power needs to base load megawatt power for public utilities and grids, GenRent delivers comprehensive, cost-effective temporary power generation solutions.

No matter the purpose, scale or timeframe, GenRent is the answer when you need to manage emergency power requirements, scheduled or sudden demand peaks. GenRent provides a wide range of tailored power generator equipment and solutions, including:

  • Mobile units provide maximum flexibility for construction
  • Broad selection of power applications and custom solutions
  • Standby and backup engine units to ensure uninterrupted power distribution
  • Dockside and onboard power generation solutions for shipping
  • Gas-fueled container-based power generator solutions
  • High-reliability, silent generators for low-noise applications

GenRent's experienced team provides fast setup backed by technical expertise and professional support. With GenRent, you are assured to be provided the power solution you need anytime, anywhere.

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