GenRent supports a broad range of dynamic industries with advanced diesel generators for power supply capacities ranging from 30kW to 2MW. These power generator solutions feature a comprehensive line of portable diesel power generators, including industrial diesel generators.

Supplying the temporary power you need where and when you need it, GenRent diesel generators solutions meet every challenge and any requirement, from reliable on-demand electricity for individual sites to cost-effective baseload, multi-megawatt grid-scale power.

In order to offer its clients the optimal solution tailored to its specific needs and the project specifications, while ensuring minimal costs, GenRent maintains strong cooperation with different engines suppliers.

For each project, at the design stage, GenRent shall select the optimal engines which shall provide the optimal solution for such project.

GenRent is working with the following suppliers:

  • MTU Engines
  • Komatsu Engines 
  • Cummins Engines

In addition, GenRent also installs:

  • FG Wilson Generators

All Diesel Generators supplied are delivered with a state-of-the-art Diesel Generators Control Technology.

Installation, Operation and Maintenance:

In addition to world-leading diesel-fueled power generation technology, GenRent is committed to the highest levels of service to ensure an effective, flexible, and uninterrupted solution to your power generation needs.

Unique soundproof generator sets provide steady, quiet power where low-noise is essential (movie sets, events).

Rugged, Soundproof portable generators can be trailer mounted for easy and reliable mobility. Such mobile units provide maximum flexibility for construction.

GenRent's expert team provides fast setup backed by advanced expertise and world-class technical support. GenRent delivers the power solution you need anywhere, anytime.