Power Plants Rental

In order to mitigate power disruptions, GenRent's power plant solutions can provide on-demand power in almost any operating environments. Whether for individual businesses, industrial companies or national utilities, GenRent's equipment and services ensure stability and effective emergency response to prevent expensive downtime.

On-demand power plant solutions include:

  • Power generation support as required for seasonal demand variations
  • Remote solutions to support power grids 
  • Power solutions to mitigate blackouts, unexpected downtime and maintenance
  • Temperature control to optimize turbine performance
  • Assured power quality with flexibility and grid stability
  • Improved productivity and reduced risk with GenRent's Standby/Emergency Support Program

From peak shaving that reduces costs during high demand to base load megawatt power for public utilities, GenRent meets all power plant needs worldwide, anywhere, anytime. With over 20 years of proven customer support, clients are assured of efficient power solutions based on highly reliable equipment.

GenRent power plant solutions offer numerous features and benefits, including:

  • Efficient management of fleets and equipment which enable fast and smooth deployment of power stations
  • Unique engineering concept, that reduces installation costs and enables cost-effective maintenance and operation 
  • User-friendly engine and generator control interface for high quality performance and quick response
  • Assured reliability and robustness
  • Innovative emissions technology
  • Cutting-edge monitoring and communications capabilities
  • Highest International quality and safety standards – for all equipment
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