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From stabilizing local grid to supporting a specific industry suffering from power shortfalls, when reliability and fast deployment as sought, GenRent's diesel power plants are the ideal temporary power solution.

GenRent provides emergency power wherever and whenever required.

Whether for an individual site or for baseload-scale or multi-megawatt regional grids, GenRent diesel power plants are able to provide on-demand temporary power for any required timeframe.

Genrent's clients benefit from its excellent relationships, based on many years of cooperation, with the leading engine suppliers, allowing it to increase flexibility as well as to reduce both costs and response times.

GenRent is working with the following suppliers:

  • MTU Engines
  • Komatsu Engines 
  • Cummins Engines

In addition, GenRent also installs:

  • FG Wilson Generators

All Diesel Generators supplied are delivered with a state-of-the-art Diesel Generators Control Technology.

GenRent Diesel power plant solutions offer numerous features benefits, including:

  • A solid and durable cylinder body design, small vibration, low noise, four strokes
  • stable operation
  • high efficiency, wet-type cylinder liner
  • long lifetime
  • easy maintenance, perfect performance, low heat emission
  • Diesel Engine - Easy transportation of fuel (no need of expensive infrastructure)