Power 30MW
Location Angola
Client Era Optima
Period Since 2003

The challenge

The demand for temporary power solutions arises where there is an electricity shortage. Such electricity shortage may result from different circumstances, including fast population growth and slow infrastructure upgrade (typical in emerging markets), remote location of populated regions and shortage in natural resources used for power production, such as drought in countries which rely on hydro power.

Our Rapid, Cost-Effective Solution

Our service includes planning, construction and commissioning of the power plant, including equipment transportation, all within a record-breaking period.

Era Optima built agriculture farms for the use of local population. These farms include cowsheds, chicken coops, logistic centers, water transfer facilities, and many more. Since 2003 GenRent supplied a total of 30MW diesel generators for prime-power application (i.e., these generators operate around-the clock) to Era Optima, in addition to generators synchronization, spare parts supply and training of local team. GenRent is still providing ongoing Operation and Maintenance services and monitors pollution and noise levels on a continuous basis.