As the rates charged by permanent power providers are often broken into many portions and time segments such as summer and winter rates, day and night and so on, electricity consumers are now turning to temporary power solutions through on-site cost-effective power generation.

Base load facilities, which operate continuously, use local power generation to supply energy, typically by interconnecting with the utility grid.

Power generation equipment installed for peak shaving purposes can also be used for stand-by power.

Cost Reduction (Seasonal Use)

GenRent's peak-shaving power plants use gensets thus allowing reduction of electricity costs. By implementing the use of generators during seasonal peak periods, users can save up to 30% of their total energy costs.

Continuous Basic Load

Rapidly growing populations around the world, along with the lack of funds to upgrade electric transmission and distribution grids in order to urbanize rural areas, are causing energy shortages in many countries. Peak-Shaving power plants provide a perfect solution for electricity as well as funds shortage.