Backup Power for Telecommunications

Telecom companies must be ready to manage any system disruption. Our 20 years of proven service to this complex industry provide us with the ability to conduct an advanced need assessment and disaster recovery plan in order to provide optimal power solutions.

We know how to provide you with reliable temporary power solutions for uninterrupted power at critical times, even in the most challenging locations and conditions.

GenRent provides flexible temporary power solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each individual telecommunication client. Our reliable equipment and highly-experienced team prevents the negative impact of power shortfalls unto your business, and ensure continued operation at all times.

Our services include:

  • Uninterrupted power for remote locations
  • Turnkey packages, including fuel management
  • Emergency backup power
  • Contingency planning
  • All-terrain vehicles to reach remote sites
  • Comprehensive remote site monitoring, around-the-clock
  • Site and load current needs analysis